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einekleine disko


Galleri Maskinen invites you to a program of a great variety of performances, exhibitions and workshops.




Astrid Lomholt: Orkanen fanges i mit sommerfuglenet (the hurricane is caught in my butterfly net)

The work contains the recording of 70 children who imitate a hurricane with breething air into their lungs. The childrens exhaling are collected in an ensemble and played in a sound installation in Galleri Maskinen.
The voice is a being, an expressive creation that expresses the human volume. It is others' expressive and unexpected ways to use the volume and the voice on, I direct use in the work's aesthetic material.
The hurricane can logically and scientifically be explained, but in terms of human psychological universe is through time created many myths in light of this unexplained violent and destructive event.
In the work "Orkanen fanges i mit sommerfuglenet" I work with children's voices because the hurricane's randomness plays with our understanding of life on a violent and intrusive manner, comparable with the child's new understandings of life. The work provides a number of references to mythologies about hurricane violent movements. In all mythologies, man has attempted to understand the phenomena of nature and its violence in relation to the implications for their own lives on earth. Humans have given them names and visualizedphenomena, so they seemed alien and gave meaning to their existence.

Place: Galleri Maskinen, Pilgatan 28
Time: 27-29 april kl 12-16.
Opening 26 april 19:00

Conny Blom: The complete Beatles
In the sound installation “The Complete Beatles” things are turned on their head, as it consists in its entirety of music recorded by the band. As a matter of fact, every second of officially released studio recordings by The Beatles is included in the piece, but none of the compositions are ever discernible. Every individual track is looped and played simultaneously, so that at any given instant of the continuous sound you hear all of The Beatles studio recordings. As you walk through the room and get closer to different speakers the sound shifts. Overtones shimmer and vibrate. The production on the earlier and later albums differs and this is notable even though not a single note of the original music can be identified. This is not about sampling – The Beatles production is presented in its entirety – but is it The Beatles that we are hearing?

Place: Art Academy, Östra Strandgatan 32
26-29 april kl 10-16


Peter Rosvik: Workshop

"We are attracted by not being able to rely on our senses, to for the moment not react on what´s real and we are challenged by impulses that run energy through us. Are we led to create order out of chaos or are our senses something we simply have to live with?"

Peter Rosvik aka roska999 has been working with "harsh noise" since 2006 and with other forms of soundart since the late 1990s. 
-"I work with noise as fine arts, since music is uninteresting to me from within the artcontext of which I work"

Pedalnoise/harsh noise. Monocables, innumerable pedals, mixer & soundsystem.
The workshop is free of charge and open to all. Previous knowledge of working with sound or music is not a prerequisite, since the workshop is aimed at visual artists with an open mind who want to construct walls of sound. 

Date & time : thursday 28 april to  frida  29 april between 10 to16. 
Place: Verket, Västra Strandgatan 7 Umeå
Artist talk:  18:00 in the seminar room at Konsthögskolan, Östra strandgatan 32 Umeå.


Fredrik Willberg: Total soundworkshop
Fredrik Willberg sometimes performs with his own name and also under the alias "Captain Heroin", it all depends on his mood. Fredrik is interested in sound as a phenomenon and as a concept, how it is genereated and of what can be defined as a sound. 
-"When does, what you hear, turn into noise?"
Fredrik Willberg has been active in different experimental soundprojects since 1998.

Analogue synthesizers, Logic, pro tools & Pure Data. All will be available at the workshop, but those who have their own equipment are more than welcome to bring what they might need to the workshop. The workshop is arranged in cooperation with Humlab and is open to all whether you are a musician or not. 

Place: Humlab, Umeå University.
Time: wednesday 27/4- friday 29/4 from 9 to16


Goodiepal: Workshop 
In this workshop Goodiepal will teach l in composing music that can not be read by alternative intelligences - which will lead to these intelligences in particular will be intrested in understanding what message that lies within this information / music. In the workshop there will be made  a common piece of music based on this concept.

Goodiepal or Gæoudjiparl van den Dobbelsteen, whose real name is Parl Kristian Bjørn Vester, is a controversial Danish/Faroese musician/composer wanted by the Danish police authorities for an unsolved theft from the Royal Academy of Music in Aarhus. The eccentric and self-made Goodiepal has influenced the course of modern music through radical excursions into computer technology and media art. He performs and lectures about his work and ideas worldwide and has so far done about 150 universities around the world according to the Danish newspager Information. Until recently he has been employed as a teacher at DIEM (Danish Institute for Electro-acoustic Music) at the Royal Academy of Music in Aarhus, Denmark. Goodiepal declared intellectual war against the stupidity in modern computer music and media art, which is to say against The Royal Academy of Music, when he quit the job in 2008. As per 2010 he lives somewhere in Denmark or Scotland.
Plats: Gårdhuset at Galleri Verkligheten, Pilgatan 18
Time: 26-29 april from 10 to 16.

Work in progress
Rasmus Hedlund: Citylandscape of sound
Has produced own works of music and sound since 1996, primarily by working with computers but also by using synthesizers and other machines. Mostly active as a producer of electronic dancemusic and has been playing live at festivals, partys and clubs all over europe since 2002. Rasmus is also working with sound within the art context. Obsessed with minimalism within both the music scene and the art scene. He often catch the audience with an iron fist!

Rasmus Hedlund will be in Umeå during the ljudLYD soundfestival to produce a piece of soundart within the theme "Citylandscape of sound" The finished work will be performed during the evening 30/4 at the Eine Kleine Disko event. 


Eine Kleine Disko: Event
What? Eine Kleine Disko 2011
Where?  Skuggteatern, kulturhuset Klossen Ålidhems centre. Ekonomstråket 6 907 30 Umeå
When? 30/4 2011 2000hrs to early in the morning.

Performances by:
rasmus hedlund (fi)
peter rosvik (fi)
iris piers (nl)
fredrik willberg (fi)
joakim hansson (se)
jaqueline shabo (se)
blodbanan (se)
rasmus albertsen (dk)
eskil karl liepa (se)
jim barrett (au)
and Eine Kleine Disko DJs

-18 y.o-
-free entrance-

Eine Kleine Disko (EKD) is a dynamic art project that welcomes performance, noise, video and intervention with related art forms to create flux in EKD context. The announcement “come together” is the setting that creates the EKD´s coming to be.

EKD is a nomadic art project in the sense that it is not a permanent screening, disco or performance festival with preset programmes but a kind of cultural jamming journey from which the participants never returns to the starting point.

Instead of requesting people to seek for art as experiences, EKD brings experiences as art to the spectator and invites people to meeteach other within the original idea of a "party".

EKD is a non-profit project and exists on the premises that are offered for taking EKD events from one place to another.


For participation in the workshops that are all free of charge - please send a mail to:

-The ljudLYD soundfestival is supported by IASPIS-