Andreas Knag-Danielsen (b. 1983, Norway) has a background as a graphic designer and are currently taking a masters in fine arts in Umeå, Sweden. He works with combining the digital sphere with our physical world through various medias.
An infant needs social nourishment and attentive loving to survive it's upbringing. Our daily online routine through various social medias, feed's this continuing physical social need. Is the visual language of the screen our new anthropological way of expressing our humane emotions and expressive desires? Ctrl T, Ctrl W. Open and close. Request it or decline it. Like it or unlike it. Our interactive adventures allures the senses and arouses our inner "Peeping Tom". What are these daily visual images doing to our visual understanding? Do we need to archive this digital static "noise", purified in RGB color and wrapped in customized themes? Breathe and reboot.
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